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Reattore in aisi 316L con semituboSince 1994 Bressan srl has been manufacturing machines, heat exchangers, titanium reactors, pressure vessels and components using all type of special steel and titanium both for research institutes and chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, textile and food industry. We work all stainless steel, low alloy steel, Duplex®, Superduplex®, clad steel, carbon steel, nickel and nickel alloys, Hastelloy, titanium and tantalum.

All of our production is subject to advanced control procedures and realized using approved welding certification that fulfil  the requirements of the most recent legislation.

We build and install titanium reactors, heat exchangers, coils, distillation columns, separation equipment, fermentation tanks, pressure vessels, storage tanks and nest of tubes with agitator according to the customer specifications. Our technical office can support and optimize your design to obtain plants that meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, our equipment is built to last over time.

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Our qualified welders are constantly trained on the new welding technologies applied to special steel so we can guarantee efficient and proper manufacturing in order  to meet the highest quality standards in all situations.

We work in accordance with PED 2014/68/UE (ISPEL-ASME-TUV) codes and in collaboration with an external technical office which develops designs according to Italian and international leading codes.

Too often our costumers and we have realized that the extreme attention to the purchasing price leads to idle time in chemical plants due to the necessity of repairing machines that should have worked without interruption for much longer periods.

In our opinion cost containment is necessary but must not be pursued  to the detriment of quality. We are able to cut down wastes optimizing the transport of materials, selecting our suppliers and training our workers.

Involve us in your projects, use our competence and experience to build your machines…

…We are here  for you to make “plants build to last over time